Emergence of Modern-Day Dental Implants

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The History of Dental Implants

In today’s world, dental implants are considered the most advanced solution for tooth restoration. Technology is helping dental and oral health clinicians provide faster, more accurate, and well-rounded treatment to their patients. Before the invention of modern dental implants in 1952, people sought treatment for replacing teeth using a variety of methods. Through decades of scientific research and clinical practice, researchers improved implant design and functionality. For a historical look at the development of dental implants and how far we’ve come, read below.

Early Days

In 2000 BC, it was customary practice for carved bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth in China. Around 1000 BC, an Egyptian king had a copper peg hammered into his jawbone. This is considered the first recorded case of a metal tooth replacement being inserted into the jawbone. Only 2000 years ago, it was common practice to try and replace a tooth using an animal tooth or a tooth from someone of a lower social status. These implants were most likely rejected due to infection and decay. It was not until centuries later that significant developments were made in the field of dental implants.


As with many scientific advances, the discovery of how modern-day implants was stumbled upon by accident. In 1952, a Swedish physician and researcher noted that he could not remove a small titanium cylinder he had placed in the lower leg of rabbits. He placed the titanium in the rabbit’s leg to study how blood flow affects bone healing. Upon removal of the metal, he discovered that the titanium had fused to the bone and could not be removed.

The special property of bone integration, called osseointegration, is the biological basis of modern implants’ success. With this knowledge, the Swedish physician knew the body could tolerate the long-term presence of titanium, and thus titanium could be used as an anchor for artificial teeth.

What the Future Holds

Currently, dental implants have over a 95% success rate in most patients. Dentists can now individualize implants to suit a patient’s specific needs. Implants can be made from a variety of materials and placed in a variety of different ways and locations depending on desired aesthetics and functionality. At OF Dental Care, Dr. Farahmand, the go-to dental implant dentist in Arcadia, implants a material that serves as a new root to replace the missing root. Sturdy titanium posts are anchored directly into the jawbone, providing a completely functional artificial root to anchor the new artificial tooth or crown. The bone grows around the implanted post the same way bone grows around the natural root of a tooth.

Dental implants have come a long way. If you suffer from tooth loss and wish to discuss current dental implant procedures in more detail, contact Of Dental Care at 626.254.1948 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farahmand, DMD, a leading dentist in Arcadia, or visit www.OFDentalCare.com to learn more.

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