What Are Implant Supported Dentures and Are They Right for Me?

Implant Supported DenturesAs the dental field evolves, dental technology does as well. For individuals in need of dentures, this means being able to forego traditional dentures that require sticky, messy adhesive. Instead, you can take advantage of what is known as implant supported dentures. The revolutionary aspect of this type of implant is that it requires no adhesive, as it relies upon titanuim implants in your upper or lower jaw bone for support.

What are the Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures?

 When you begin to consider implant supported dentures, you may be wondering what types of benefits you stand to gain from investing in this new technology. Just some of the many benefits that you can expect when you visit your dentist in Arcadia for these dentures include:

  • Custom Fit –You will get a custom fit that isn’t possible with traditional options. This means that you won’t have to worry about adjusting or the comfort level of the dentures as to both will be customized for you.
  • Everyday Wear is Easier – Without having to worry about applying strong adhesive to keep your dentures in place, everyday wear is easier because your new smile is supported with titanium implants. You can eat, drink, sneeze, and cough without worrying about anything, which is a welcome relief for denture-wearers.

 Are you interested in learning more about the process of implant supported dentures or whether or not you are a good candidate? Dr. Farahmand of OF Dental Care specializes in implant supported dentures, taking care of all of your needs and concerns from start to finish for a positive long-term outcome.

To set up a complimentary consultation at our Arcadia dental clinic or if you would like more information on this emergent denture technology, please contact us at 626.254.1948 or visit www.ofdentalcare.com.

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