Invisalign, A Great Alternative

invisalign_green_dental-1024x682 A beautiful, straight smile can provide you with a lifetime of happiness. While metal braces were once the only option available, today it is possible to achieve straighter teeth without worrying about the visibility of braces.

Invisalign provides a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. Traditional braces are attached to your teeth throughout the course of treatment which can sometimes make it difficult to eat or drink but more so of feeling insecure. With Invisalign, the clear aligners are detachable, which makes it more convenient during mealtimes or when you are socializing. The fact that they are removable makes it easier for you to practice better oral hygiene.

Metal braces can be uncomfortable and may frequently irritate the soft tissues in your mouth. Because Invisalign is comprised of soft plastic, they provide you with a comfortable method for the straightening of your teeth. The fact that Invisalign braces are almost virtually invisible is also appealing for many patients, especially adults who have a desire to straighten their teeth without the uncomfortable appearance of metal braces.

During your initial visit, your teeth will be carefully examined in order to determine if you are a good candidate. Furthermore, impressions and x-rays will need to be taken of your teeth in order to create the clear aligners. Thanks to advanced technology, it is now possible to utilize a computerized model to develop a personalized strategy for the straightening of your teeth.

The average length of treatment is about one year but this will vary from case to case. Even though the aligners are removable, they are expected to be worn for at least 22 hours of the day in order to gain maximum results.

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