4 Reasons Why Root Canals Should Not Scare You

West Hollywood Root canals
When cracks or cavities in the teeth become so severe that the nerve inside dies, a root canal is the necessary treatment. The treatment involves:

  • Removing the diseased pulp through a small hole in the tooth
  • Cleaning and filling the root canals
  • Closing the hole in the tooth with a filling
  • Placing a dental crown to protect and fortify the tooth

Unfortunately, this routine procedure has a reputation for being gruesomely painful. This is a misconception. Just ask your dentist in West Hollywood – whose patients are usually pleasantly surprised by their root canal experience, so long as they choose a great dentist.

Here are 4 reasons why root canals shouldn’t scare you.

  1. Root Canals Aren’t Any Worse than Other Dental Treatments

    According to Science Daily, a root canal is no worse than other dental work, according to self-reports from over 1000 random dental patients. Every year, over 22 million root canals are performed, and it seems like the fear of a root canal is much more painful than the root canal itself.

  2. Root Canals are Significantly Better than Tooth Extractions

    Root canals are a big deal, but not because they’re painful. They are only performed when it is impossible to save the natural teeth. If it is possible to save the teeth with crowns or fillings, your dentist will do so.

    If the tooth is infected, the only alternative to a root canal is a dental extraction. Replacing missing teeth after extraction can create a lot of problems, like jawbone deterioration, denture discomfort, and difficulty speaking or chewing.

  3. Root Canals Don’t Cause Pain – they RELIEVE it!

    The pain you are feeling before your root canal is much worse than the pain that you’ll experience during it. The pain that comes from an infected tooth is terrible. Teeth are extremely sensitive because each tooth has up to 2,000 nerve fibers in its center.

    Fortunately, we have modern medicine. Your dentist in West Hollywood has the medical advancements to numb the tooth and make the procedure quite comfortable. After the procedure, you’ll feel much better than you did beforehand.

  4. Good Dentists Go Above and Beyond to Keep their Patients Comfortable

    Choose a great dentist in West Hollywood such as Dr. Farahmand, DMD, who not only executes expertly for a successful outcome but has empathy and high consideration for the comfort of every patient.

    So, now you know – the anxiety surrounding root canals has more to do with the pain of an infected tooth than the treatment itself. In reality, the treatment isn’t any more painful than getting a regular filling.

If you’re in pain, schedule a complimentary consultation with our highly experienced and reputable dentist in West Hollywood as soon as possible by calling 310.273.3650 or visit www.OFDentalCare.com for further information.

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