Tooth Decay Myths

Tooth Decay Myths
You wouldn’t believe some of the things our dentist has heard over the years. When it comes to caring for your smile, there is plenty of good advice — as well as bad — out there on the internet. Some are “old wives’ tales” while others are just plain myths.

Speaking of myths, here are a few common ones that our dentist in West Hollywood wants you to look out for:

“Re-growing” Tooth Enamel When You Have a Cavity

Social media sites are flooded with tips on how to “heal” teeth with cavities, or re-grow enamel. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that dentists can do yet. Early signs of demineralization can be reversed, but once a cavity is eroded through the tooth structure, it’s impossible for you to grow it back. Scientists are working on ways to do this, but it just isn’t something that an average person can do.

Baby Teeth Don’t Need Fillings

Many parents wonder why a child needs a filling if their tooth is just going to fall out later, anyway. The truth is, that baby tooth — if it’s decayed — can allow infection to spread to the other teeth around it (even the adult ones underneath.) Pulling it prematurely could cause a lot of orthodontic complications later.

Diet Sodas are Better for Your Teeth

All sodas have some form of sweetener or acid that can erode your tooth enamel. Yes, even the diet ones. You might be surprised at how low the pH can be. Just because it says, “sugar free” or “artificially sweetened” doesn’t mean the liquid can’t eat away at your teeth.

Bottled Water is Best

The truth is, bottled water doesn’t usually have regulated fluoride levels. Yes, water is great for your teeth, but it’s better to opt for h2o coming straight from your tap. It’s cheaper, too!

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