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dental hygiene

Proper dental hygiene is not complicated. It only requires establishing good habits and repeating them on a daily basis. In fact, you can avoid most dental problems by following a simple four-point plan. Here is what the trusted dentist in Arcadia, Dr. Omid Farahmand recommends.

1. Brushing Twice Daily

Brushing, the most fundamental element of dental hygiene, should be performed twice per day using fluoride toothpaste. Brush teeth at a 45-degree angle using circular strokes in both directions. Take care to brush the front of your teeth that are exposed, the tops and bottoms of teeth, and insides of your teeth closest to your tongue for best results. Brushing your tongue is recommended as well.

2. Regular Flossing

You dental checkups will be much happier when you floss as well as brush your teeth twice per day. Flossing allows you to get between teeth and remove tiny food particles that can cause decay over time. For best results wrap both ends tightly around your fingers, forming a C around your teeth and gently floss up-and-down. Repeat if necessary.

3. Antibacterial Mouthwash

Only about 25% of bacteria is removed from brushing your teeth, a fact which highlights the need for rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash after you floss and brush. Not only does this mouthwash help protect against plaque buildup and gum disease, it also keeps your breath fresh in the process.

4. Fluoride Mouthwash

The final step in the four-point dental hygiene plan is the use of fluoride mouthwash. This type of rinse – often recommended before bed – will help keep your teeth enamel strong and can return bone mass in teeth when cavities are beginning to form. Fluoride rinses are especially important when you drink bottled water or filtered water without fluoride content.

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