Options for Treating Dental Emergencies

Options for Treating Dental Emergencies
Our dentist in West Hollywood at OF Dental Care is always prepared for dental emergencies. When you’re caught off guard by a fall, athletic injury, or car accident…we’re ready to get you back on the mend.

Many dental emergencies involve broken or knocked out teeth. When that’s the case, it’s important that you know what options are available.

Emergency Extractions

If you’re in severe pain or have a tooth that is no longer repairable (such as one that’s broken off) it’s usually in your best interest to have it removed (extracted) right away. This prevents infection from affecting adjacent teeth or leading to additional pain and swelling. Of course, you’ll need to replace your missing tooth as soon as possible to prevent your other teeth from moving.

Dental Implants

There’s no better way to replace missing teeth for good than with dental implants. Implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that we can use to anchor a crown, bridge, or even a denture into place. The best part? Implants can last for the rest of your life!

Bridges, Flippers, or Partials

Maybe you’re not ready for implants yet and you prefer something temporary or removable. A partial denture or flipper can help you maintain proper spacing in your bite for when you’re ready to move forward with a more permanent solution. Or, you can consider a fixed bridge as an economical choice to replace one or two teeth (as long as healthy teeth are on either side, for support.)

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