Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teethFor individuals that want to improve the look of their smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide-range of options that can provide a fix for just about any problems related to the appearance of the teeth. Some of these options are strictly for cosmetic purposes and other will even improve the oral health and functionality for the patient. One of the most common issues that a cosmetic dentist is asked to address is that of missing teeth. Depending on the situation, your dentist will have a range of options that they can apply to replacing the teeth and restoring the smiles of their patients.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is one of the most common solutions that a dentist will use for missing teeth. This is a good solution to the problem because it not only replaces the teeth and improves the appearance, but a bridge also has good functional capabilities. There are a few different options for dental bridges concerning hardware and the materials that the bridge will be made from, but the basic concept is the same regardless of the material or hardware. With a bridge, existing natural teeth are used as the supporting structure for the false teeth that are placed to “bridge” the gap in the patient’s mouth.


Getting a set of dentures can also be a good solution to replace missing teeth. Patients can get complete or partial dentures depending on their needs and once again, they have options in regard to hardware and materials. Dentures do replace the missing teeth and offer a level of functionality, but the traditional dentures that are designed to rest in the patient’s mouth can lack stability, which can sometimes make things like chewing and biting difficult. To remedy this problem, some dentists will offer the option of implant-supported dentures. With the implant supported dentures, the patient gets a much better level of stability and functionality, but the procedure is a little more extensive.

Dental implants

Using dental implants to replace a missing tooth or a group of teeth can be an option that offers a lot of benefits to the patient. It provides a great cosmetic fix, but it also has some of the best performance in regard to functionality. The implant is rooted in the patient’s jaw in a way that is similar to the natural root of their tooth. This not only helps to provide a high level of stability and functional performance, but it also helps to prevent the bone loss that will occur without a root to fill the space where the natural tooth was.

With modern cosmetic dentistry, people can get their smiles looking better than they ever could have imagined. Depending on your past dental history and the current state of your dental heath, some of these options may not be practical for your problems with missing teeth. If you are looking for a dentist in Arcadia that will provide the best solution for your dental needs look no further than Dr. Omid Farahmand of OF Dental Care. He provides the best care from start to finish. For more information or to schedule an appointment please visit www.OfDentalCare.com or contact us at 626.254.1948.

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