How to Improve Your Flossing Regimen

how to improve your flossing regimen
A regular flossing habit will help keep your mouth and gums in excellent shape. Despite this fact, most people still don’t know how to properly floss. In this article, we share some pointers on how to improve your flossing regimen.

  1. Once a day is enough

    Unlike brushing, you only need to floss once a day to see positive results. Taking the time to floss thoroughly is much better than doing it more frequently but rushing the process.

  2. Establish a flossing habit

    Flossing isn’t the most difficult activity once you get used to it. More often than not, the problem can be remembering to actually do it. Whether you floss after lunch or before bed is up to you, but try to keep to the same schedule every day. After a few weeks, the habit will be established and your flossing regime will run like clockwork.

  3. Be gentle with your gums

    Your gums are sensitive. There is no need to saw into them with your floss. This can do more damage than good. Be gentle when flossing to avoid cutting into your gums.

  4. Avoid flossing with the same piece

    A common mistake is to floss with the same piece of floss for every tooth. This may seem more economical, but it can also spread bacteria around your mouth. Using a new piece for each tooth is the way to go.

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