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A toothbrush is an amazingly simple tool, designed specifically to remove the daily plaque and bacteria build up from the mouth. Just like other cleaning tools, a toothbrush needs to be taken care of with regular maintenance, so it continues to work efficiently. Clean the brush head of debris, rinsing the handle of dripped paste residue, allowing it to completely air dry, and replacing it when necessary. So how often do you really need to replace your toothbrush? Here’s what your dentist in West Hollywood and the American Dental Association have to say about that commonly asked question.

Toothbrushes are not designed to last for long periods of time but that certainly doesn’t stop some people from using a toothbrush well beyond its expiration date. As a general dental rule, it is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 3 months, or sooner If the bristles become bent or frayed.

However, some circumstances require a toothbrush to be replaced sooner than 3 months and those include:

  • After an illness.
  • If the bristles have been bent or have become stained.
  • Specialty toothbrushes and sensitivity bristled toothbrushes may need to be changed more frequently.

How to Endure Your Toothbrush for 3 Months

Don’t scrub your teeth too hard: This can damage the teeth and gums and bends the bristles.

Don’t chew the brush head: Toothbrushes should NEVER be chewed; the bristles can pierce the tissue, causing injury and this force bends and breaks the bristles.

Thoroughly rinse and remove toothpaste and food debris: After each toothbrushing session rinse thoroughly and allow the toothbrush to completely air dry while sitting upright versus laying down on a flat surface.

Don’t use too much toothpaste:Too much paste can gunk up the bristles and make them stiff and weak, leading to bending and breaking.

Don’t soak the toothbrush head in mouthwash: The alcohol in most mouth rinses will wear down the nylon bristles over time.

With so many toothbrushing models available, the options are endless, and the only requirement is that you use one. Healthy brushing is the most important thing you can do every day to keep your smile vibrant and lasting a lifetime. The highly experienced and reputable Dr. Omid Farahmand, DMD specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry with offices in West Hollywood & Arcadia. For further information or to schedule an appointment please contact OF Dental Care today at 310.273.3650 or visit to learn more.

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