Five Ways to Improve Your Gum Health

Five Ways to Improve Your Gum Health
If you’ve ever had gingivitis or worry about developing gum disease, there are several things you can do to enhance your oral health. Our wonderful dentist in West Hollywood has these 5 simple tips to try between your dental checkups to keep your gums healthy.

  1. An Apple a Day

    Remember the old saying about eating an apple a day? It’s not just apples that are good for teeth: any crisp, fibrous fruits and vegetables are! Biting into them helps massage the gums, wipe away plaque biofilm, and keep teeth clean while you’re snacking.

  2. Focus on Gums When You’re Brushing

    The next time you’re brushing your teeth, slightly rotate the angle of your toothbrush bristles so that they’re angled toward your gumlines. Don’t scrub too hard. The gentle brush movements along your tissues will stimulate blood flow and help to lift away bacteria that are tucked just under the gumline (where gum disease starts.)

  3. Up Your Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Eating fish or rounding out your diet with an Omega-3 supplement can positively affect your gum health. Both are loaded with nutrients that reduce swelling and inflammation. Another great supplement to consider is CoQ10.

  4. Snack on Cheese

    Sharp cheddar and similar cheeses can neutralize the pH levels of plaque inside of your mouth. If you need a quick afternoon snack, cheese is safer for your smile. It also contains calcium, which is great for tooth enamel!

  5. Give Up Flossing

    Yes, it’s ok to stop flossing…but only if you trade out the string floss for a water flosser. These gentle and effective oral hygiene aids are easier to use and can clean hard-to-reach spaces that your flossing aids don’t reach.

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