Denture Care To-Dos for a Fresh Smile

Denture Care To-Dos for a Fresh Smile
Whether you wear traditional or implant supported removable overdentures, you’re not off the hook when it comes to daily oral hygiene. Here are four things every denture wearer needs to know.

Take Your Denture Out Nightly

Excessive wear of your removable dental prosthesis can strain your jaw. In reality, the bone and the gums both need a rest, otherwise the bone anatomy can shrink (resorb) prematurely, causing a traditional denture to feel loose. Our dentist in West Hollywood advises all patients to take their removable dentures out nightly and to never sleep with them in.

Clean Your Gums Daily

Sure, you may not have any teeth to brush, but your gums need just as much care to keep your smile healthy. Gently clean your gums with a damp, soft washcloth after removing your dentures and before putting them back in again. This step alone can reduce your risk of infections and bacterial growth.

Use Cleaners Specifically Made for Dentures

Household cleaners or chemicals (such as bleach) can be abrasive, drying, and damaging to your dental prosthesis. Our dentist recommends soaking your denture in specifically formulated cleansing solutions and then using a “denture brush” (different from your toothbrush) to clean away the loosened debris.

If you’re starting to notice stain buildup across the teeth, just bring your denture by and our dentist in West Hollywood can polish it away.

Have Your Denture Adjusted as Needed

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need to be examined on a regular basis. We will make sure that they fit properly in a way that doesn’t hurt your gums or bone structure. This might include adjusting the plate or having the entire denture relined.

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