Custom Arcadia Dentures and Partials

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Do you need to replace several (or all) of your teeth at one time? At OF Dental Care, our dentist offers convenient full and partial dentures that are made to meet your precise needs.

What’s the Difference in a Full and Partial Denture?

If you’re missing all of your teeth or need to have them pulled, a full denture replaces everything at one time. Sometimes dentures are called “plates,” and they cover the entire roof of your mouth due to the size of the prosthesis. They can also be made to fit over the lower jaw.

On the other hand, a partial denture is used when you only need to replace some of your teeth. They’re made to clasp around any existing teeth that are still healthy and well-secured in the jaw. This allows the partial to be slimmer in design, yet secure enough to replace several teeth at once. Most partials follow the entire arch of the jaw, with prosthetic teeth attached where appropriate.

Alternatives to Removable Dentures

Some people prefer removable full and partial dentures, because of their economic cost. Our dentist in Arcadia also provides other options, such as implant secured prostheses (including the All on 4 denture) and fixed bridges. The type of restoration and tooth replacement that you choose is up to your personal goals, budget, and oral health. No single solution is right for everyone!

At OF Dental Care, Dr. Omid Farahmand will work with you to find the best solution for your dental needs. If you’ve had trouble with dentures in the past, we can help you find a way to live more comfortably and have the confidence that you need to get through the day. Call OF Dental Care today at 626.254.1948 to schedule a consultation or visit for further information.

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