Benefits of White Composite Fillings and Bonding

White Composite Fillings

Have you been considering changing out your old metal fillings with crowns or porcelain veneers in West Hollywood? You may have another option and that is – white composite fillings and bonding.

Unlike a crown or veneer, these tooth-colored restorations can restore the damaged structure of your tooth without covering the entire surface. Less drilling is needed, if it’s needed at all. This allows you to leave as much healthy tooth enamel as possible. In fact, some types of bonding treatments don’t even require numbing the tooth!

With bonding and white fillings, you can:

  • Complete the entire procedure in just one appointment
  • Replace unsightly metal fillings with a more aesthetic option
  • Benefit from a material that bonds directly to your enamel, so that it can be placed on nearly any surface of your tooth
  • Have a restoration that matches the coloration of your surrounding tooth structure
  • Instantly enhance the appearance of your smile

In many cases, our dentist in West Hollywood uses white fillings and bonding alone or to compliment other types of cosmetic dental procedures. Their modest, yet significant impact on tooth structure plays a significant role in the way your smile looks at the end of the day.

Replace Old Mercury Fillings Today

When you look in the mirror, are you plagued by dark areas where your old silver fillings show up in your smile? You’re not alone. As amalgam fillings begin to age, the coloration leaks into other areas of the tooth. Changing them out with a composite filling is a great way to prevent fractures and amalgam stains.

If your tooth is too broken down for a filling, you may need a crown or porcelain veneer. Schedule a visit with Dr. Farahmand, a highly experienced and loved dentist in West Hollywood today at 310.273.3650 to find out which restorative option is best for your oral health needs or visit for further information.

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